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Posted by: Topographic Jun 14 2016, 10:18 PM
So you want to role play huh? Well, to get started, the first thing you need to do is register with us and then read the pinned posts on the How to Play page. This will hopefully take care of a lot of your questions, and if it doesn't you can come back here!

Getting Started

Once you have read the rules, the first thing you're going to want to do is post your horse's stats. Go to the Create Your Character board to do this. You will need to post your character with the required stats to ensure your character is accepted.

You can title your post anything you want, but the most logical choice would be your character's name. You can put a description or not--this doesn't matter. The big box below these is where you post your horse's stats. Please read the pinned post on the Create Your Character board to find the stats you need to post.

Your horse's name can be anything, but try to be creative and make it unique. A moderator or admin will let you know if the name has already been taken when they respond to your joining post. Their breed can be anything as well, but if you are unsure of their breed, you can put something like unknown, mutt, hybrid, etc. Characters must be over the age of 3 before they will be accepted. Appearances are left entirely up to you, but be realistic. No pink and white striped horses, please! Brief History is simply an option for you to make up a little bit about where your horse has been, what they've done or had done to them, etc.

When you pick the gender for your horse, keep this in mind: stallions may claim land and mares, where as mares may not. This is simply a law of nature. The stallions are the stronger gender, so they get more privileges. If you have lots of time to spare, you might be happier with a stallion, but if you only want to post once in a while, a mare might be for you. Choose wisely.

Your horse's alliance is also important. Please read the pinned Gameplay post in the Create Your Character board for a description of each alliance. If you join a Dark stallion, you may only claim lands that are specified for Darks and Neutrals, or neither. You cannot claim Light lands, and vice versa. You also cannot claim Light mares, and vice versa. Neutrals may claim any land they please, and claim any mares they please.

If you join a Dark mare, you may only live with a Dark or Neutral stallion. The same goes for Light mares--you may only live with your alliance or a Neutral alliance. Basically, stick with your own side.

Rogues are wanderers, horses who chose to remain solitary and have no real home. They cannot claim land or live with herds, however, they are known for following certain groups of horses around during battles, and fighting for a certain side. After the battle is over, they usually leave. They are also known for betraying the side they appear to be fighting for, so watch out. Rogues are untrustworthy, and dangerous. If you join a Rogue, you're basically a horse who wants nothing to do with regular Kormadian life.

Non-equines cannot be too similar to any real animals, aka, no wolves or horses with wings--if you want to create something in the image of a real animal, there has to be a LOT more variation than a pair of wings. Give them horns or weird feet or a lion's tail, etc. They cannot have any sort of power (i.e. no heat vision!) This is not a fantasy character creation--these are supposed to be actual wildlife that could live on another planet, and unfortunately, I don't know of any species anywhere that has heat vision!

If you have joined as a male, the first thing you're going to want to do is claim land. To do so, proceed to the bottom of the main board until you find the main Kormadian continents. Read a bit on the history of Kormada, found on the Story of Kormada board. This will aide you in choosing your continent and land.

Once you have decided what continent you wish to reside on, click that continent's name and you will be brought to a page where the different territories will be listed. Choose where you want to live, and click on its name. Scroll through any posts it may have. If the land is already claimed, you may either leave to find another one, or challenge the stallion who has claimed it.

As a Newbie, I would suggest keeping yourself out of trouble until you get the hang of the game, and going to find another land. If you really want the territory though, you may challenge the stallion to a battle, to be carried out in the Battle Grounds board. The stallion may either accept your challenge or reject it. If he rejects it he must leave his territory, and any mares who lived there can either follow him, or stay with the new stallion, dependent on the challengers terms. In other words, if the challenger wants the land and the mares, the resident stallion would lose both were he to reject the battle. If he accepts it, you will both proceed to the battle grounds and fight. This will be explained later in the guide.

Once you have chosen your land, you must post in the Scarbearer's Domicile for that continent to let them know you are there! This helps staff keep track of active lands.

After you have claimed a land, you will want to claim a mare. To do so, proceed to the homeless board and search for any mares wishing to be claimed. You may speak with this mare about being claimed, or simply tell her she is going to be claimed, and wait for her response. If she accepts your offer, you are good to go! If she rejects your offer, you may either try to find a different mare, or settle the argument with her at the battle grounds. I.E. the two of you fight; if the mare wins, she does not have to go with you, and if the stallion wins, she does. That sort of thing. A stallion may claim up to 15 mares, but he must have a territory to claim a mare.

If you join as a mare, you will want to post on the homeless board that you are seeking a herd. You must then wait for a stallion to claim you, and accept or reject his offer. If you are a Rogue mare, you are free to wander the board. Rogue mares may not be claimed.


To fight, the two opponents must go to the battle grounds board, and post their attacks. A fight is organized as such: one opponent posts their attack, and then waits for the other opponent to post theirs. There may only be two posts per opponent, with one attack per post. One opponent may not say something like, "[Name] kills [Name]." That would be far too simple. So, you are only allowed to post attacks, and at the end of the fight you must wait for a moderator to judge, and decide the fates of the horses. Fights can occur over just about anything, including lands, mares, positions in the herd, etc.

More specific rules, including the point system used in deciding the winner, can be found in the Battle Grounds forum itself.


To breed, a stallion and mare must both agree. There will be no forced breedings on this game. Once a couple has agreed, they may go to the conceive board to breed. Simply post the parents' stats. A moderator will decide the stats of the foal(s), as well as any problems it may or may not have. Foals can be deformed, born with a terminal illness, stillborn, mares can die during birth(rare), etc. Pretty much anything that can go wrong in real life can go wrong here. Or, you may have a perfectly healthy foal and a normal birth. Explicit breeding posts are NOT ALLOWED.

Once a moderator has posted your foal's stats, the mare must carry the foal for three days before she can give birth to the foal. Birthing posts can be made in the same thread after the moderator has given out foal stats.

Once the foal is born, the parents' players must decide who will play it, and if there are twins, who will play which foal. If twins are born and one player does not wish to play a foal, the foal's stats may be posted on the chat board, along with a message saying that it needs a player. If no one wants to play the foal, it may be killed off by going to the graveyard board, and posting how and why it died. Keep in mind, the manner of killing off a character goes the same for any character who is killed.

Well, there it is. The Newbie's Guide to RPG-ing. Most of these instructions can be used on other RPGs as well, but obviously there will be variations between them and Kormada. A lot is also to be learned merely by reading other players' posts. If you are still confused however, try posting in the help files or chat boards. Other players are often very helpful tools. Enjoy your time here on Kormada!

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