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Posted by: Sentiao Mar 6 2016, 01:20 PM
the Guidebook
Kormada / Creatures

There are many creatures on Kormada other than the Equines, Non-Equines, and Rhuids. These are involved with the history and making of our world.

Kestrel; Kestrel was a red wyvern who created the Kormadian Equines by stealing ideas from his 3 Immortal counterparts, the Halcyon, the Asp, and the Basilisk. He was stripped of his immortality in Generation Zero due to his tendency to wreak havoc on the planet and the fact that he was possessed by an evil mass known as the Scourge, and passed away in this current plotline, Roots.

Kormada / Creatures


Scarbearers are considered the guardians of Kormada, however, it wasn't until recently that they came back into power. Scarbearers can be played by anyone in the interest of better posts, but no one person controls them. They do not preside over the Non-Equines, or their territory, the Hinterland.

Gender: Male
Color: Seal Brown
Guardian of: The Southern Mainland
Partner to: Honor

Gender: Female
Color: Dappled Dark Grey
Guardian of: The Offland
Partner to: Spirit

Gender: Male
Color: Champagne
Guardian of: The Offland
Partner to: Creation

Gender: Female
Color: Blue Roan
Guardian of: The Northern Mainland
Partner to: Vitality

Gender: Male
Color: Red Roan
Guardian of: The Northern Mainland
Partner to: Memory

Gender: Female
Color: Black
Guardian of: The Marredland
Partner to: Rapture

Gender: Male
Color: Albino
Guardian of: The Marredland
Partner to: Compassion

Gender: Female
Color: Chestnut
Guardian of: The Southern Mainland
Partner to: Regret

Kormada / Creatures

These are shadowy, shape-shifting demons which roam the lands of Kormada wreaking havoc upon herds and individuals alike. They are apparitions, unable to be destroyed, but able to destroy anything they please. They take the form of whatever pleases them at the time, be it that of an equine, or some monstrous beast never identified, or a silent mist hanging in the air.

They control anything from the weather, to the earth itself, to the inhabitants of the planet. (Note that this does not mean they control your character--for instance, they cannot make your character attack others--they only control creatures and things that are not played by other people--i.e. the weather, wildlife, moon monsters, etc.). Who they are, and where they came from is unknown. It appears that with the asteroid's destruction of Omicron, these creatures arose from the ashes.

  • Scarmakers MAY NOT kill characters unless permission is given by the character's player. Injuries, however, are allowed.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT give away their identities.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT interfere with fights taking place in the battle grounds, or events in the breeding/rogue/foaling grounds. They may only 'interrupt'--no attacks are permitted here.
  • Scarmakers themselves may attack others, if they do not wish to wreak havoc via weather or predators.
  • Scarmakers MAY NOT repeatedly attack one particular herd or individual. This means the SAME Scarmaker--if two different Scarmakers attack the same herd or individual, it IS permitted.
  • Victims MUST go along with the attacks. No 'Superhorses.' Of course, if there is a real disagreement between the attacker and the attackee, you may message an admin or moderator, and they will decide what happens.
  • Remember, attacks are not unlimited--myself and the board Moderators will keep an eye on the attacks made by the Scarmakers, and if any injustices are seen, we will take the appropriate action.

Kormada / Creatures

Sempiternals are a method by which any player may, in short, "resurrect" a character they had killed off in the past. Sempiternals may not be played without an admin or moderator's permission. Simply contact one of us and we will review your request and accept or deny it.

Sempiternals are considered an evil of the world in that their sole purpose is to wreak havoc, considering they really can't do much else. They may not breed, be claimed, or claim lands. They cannot physically attack mortal equines, as they are essentially ghosts. They can, however, serve as a mortal individual's constant annoyance, and can drive others away by way of words and threats.

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